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The Confusing World of E-Readers

So after much pondering you have finally decided to take the plunge. It is time to ditch the beloved books and move to the modern world of E-readers. A bold move for most, there is nothing like the feeling of a new book in your mits, the sharp and crispy pages awaiting to be turned and folded. Or perhaps your an old book lover. That old musty smell, a book which has a story in its own right. The turn of a page only to discover a old stain, a little reminder that you aren’t the first reader. There is no doubt about it, whether new or old you just can’t replace the feeling of holding a good book.

Spring Kindle Cases
Kindle cases from our spring collection

But they take up too much room. Why take 3 books on holiday when you can squeeze in 3 extra pairs of shoes instead. Plus what if 3 books aren’t enough? Are there many English book shops in Spain? Book shops are becoming a rarity on the high street in England never mind overseas. At a touch, click and the use of a credit card, my new ereader gives me access the a world of books you can only dream of. But there are so many – which one do you need?

But which is my Kindle?

We entered the scary world of making Kindle covers just over a year ago and boy did we have a lot of catching up to do. Not only over the years have Kindle been tirelessly launching new models, but with each model comes many different generations. Not to mention the variety offered in different countries. Do a google search of all of the kindles available and the results are scary. We still discover new models all of the time. A customer with an ancient Kindle 2 is looking for a wallet. A New Kindle 10 gets launched with new specifications. Its a full time job with which we have now become somewhat of Kindle experts.

Small Kindle case group shot
Kindle cases from our summer retro collection

We know from our sales data that the most common model currently for the UK is the Kindle Paperwhite. It seems customers who are looking for a simple ereader without it being a laptop or tablet, something which you can just read a book on, the Paperwhite can not be beaten.

Our covers however are available for a variety of top selling Kindle models which include:

Kindle 2
Kindle Keyboard
Kindle 4
Kindle Touch
Kindle 5
Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle 6
Kindle Voyage

Kindle 7
Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire HD 6
Kindle Fire HD7
Kindle Fire HDX 7

We can also make covers in bespoke sizes and fabrics.

Kindle cover group copy mini
A small collection of the prints available in our Kindle cases

Unsure which Kindle model you have. Here are our easy step by step instructions which will help you identify your device:

On your kindle box or click on settings and go to device info you will find a 16 diget code. Your kindle type can be found using the first four characters:

Kindle 2: B002, B003

Kindle 4: B00E, B023, 9023

Kindle 5: B012

Kindle Keyboard: B006, B008, B00A

Kindle Paperwhite: B024, B01B, B01C, B01D, B01F, B0D4, 90D4

Kindle Touch: B00F, B010, B011

Kindle Fire: D01E, D026

Kindle Fire HD 7: D025 and D059, 00D3, 00D2

Kindle Fire HDX 7: D0FB, 00FB, 00FC, 0072, 00FD, 00FE, 0073, 006C, 006D, 006E

Now all that is left to do is find the print you like. Visit our website for a selection cute and fun designs.


Pink rose kindle cover small
English Roses Print Kindle case




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