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Mobile Phone Memories…

It is hard to remember a time when we managed without a touchscreen mobile phone. For some the thought of a phone the size of a brick with only numbers to use for both calling and texting is difficult to imagine. Predictive text was more trouble than it was worth and so you would find yourself tapping four times on the number 7 just to get the letter S, 10 minutes later and a text message is ready to send.


Ah those were the days…yes it was quicker and easier to just call the person but it was the novelty of it. Ping and you get a text message, a private little note just for you. And what do you do whilst you are waiting for your lovely little messages? Play snake of course.


I blame my mobile phone for failing a basic English exam. I seemed to develop a whole new language and replace the word you for U and to for 2. Great would change to gr8  and so on…texting was such a big part of my everyday life that I seemed to 4get how 2 write properly.

Ahhhhh, there is no doubt about it, our fond phone memories are a thing of distant past. With the fast paced developments in technology it is truly difficult to keep up. And for those who don’t want to keep up it is impossible to avoid. In a world where there is now such a thing as “data” and “apps” it feels there is little point in having a mobile unless you can have access to these. My mum clinged onto her ever faithful blackberry (perhaps the last non-touch screen modern phone left) until she could avoid it no more. It was time to renew her contract and what was the best deal? – an iPhone 6s.


Once you go iPhone is is hard to go back. The whole world is at your finger tips – Facebook, Twitter, games, internet, maps, music, the weather…the list is endless. I’m not going to lie, as much as I loved my ever so faithful pretty Nokia (yes it was pretty as you could change the front covers to match you mood), there is no way I would go back.

But then one day tragedy struck. My iPhone (my world),  a phone which had surprisingly withstood being dropped in soup, getting caught in horrific rain and countless little mishaps here and there, got broken. A careless slip through the fingers and it smashed.


I’d heard of such horror stories but never thought it would happen to me. Could it happen?  The amount of near misses my iPhone had had, I really thought mine must of been from a little miracle batch. But no like a cat, it lost its 9 lives, and didn’t just crack a little, it epically  smashed to bits.

RIP my trusty little friend.



You may remember having fun Nokia attachments for your old brick phone too…We were inspired by how fun phones used to look (as well as be), and have introduced a novelty range of phone socks to protect and brighten up your trusty mobile phone.

Available in a wide range of prints and sizes, we have expanded the popular range to now be available for more phone models than ever…


Complete with a Velcro dot top fasten to keep your phone safe and snug whilst on your travels, but still allowing easy access when you need to grab your phone quickly.

The perfect way to give your phone personality and a safe home…and with many unique designs to choose from, our bright and fun prints will also help you find your mobile phone in a hurry.


Want to see more…? Check out our exclusive range at Missprettylondon.com


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